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StrongHands Finance

iSHND: The Utility Token for StrongHands DeFi Ecosystem

StrongHands Finance (iSHND) is a Token of the StrongHands Multichain ecosystem. An increasing demand among our community inspired us to move to a DeFi Ecosystem by integrating our 1st generation blockchains to a descentralized protocol who connects to the most popular networks as BNB Smart Chain, Polygon Network, Tron and Ethereum.

iSHND is the finance utility token. It was designed to be a turning point on DeFi by providing great gains based on integration of projects to the ecosystem. More projects, more trades will mean more dividends by staking coins. Our token has a very limited supply in order to restrict circulation and give real utility.

Total value locked

iSHND Staked

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Making it easy

Simple Trading and Staking

Our DEX, or decentralized exchange, is a fast and reliable trading platform that operates directly on a blockchain, without the need for centralized intermediaries.

Its functionality is to allow users to securely and transparently trade digital assets without relying on a centralized entity to perform transactions or hold their funds.

We use smart contracts to facilitate the trading of digital assets, enabling transactions to occur automatically in a programmatic manner. This means that transactions are executed in a decentralized and secure way, without the need to trust a centralized entity to act as an intermediary.

In addition, we also offer additional features such as liquidity pools and incentives for liquidity providers, which help ensure that there is always a fair and liquid market for the assets traded on the platform.

By staking our token iSHND you'll receive dividends generated by a share of trades made in our platform which means the real significance of being part of a Defi ecosystem.

Contract information:

Contract BNB Chain: 0x1CC1aCa0DaE2D6c4A0e8AE7B4f2D01eAbbC435EE

Marketing Provisions: 0x779570e4c410b67832f2642b784277d8a06bf559

Bridge Hub Address: 0x9e6b19874e97fe8e8cad77f2c0ab5e7a693e5dbf

Staking Hub Address: 0x8c361044a74e54b70b54f0d62498dd2c056d1c00

Locked ISHND/BNB Pool in DEX: 0x5839cecd1bb1a9243a97fc3209ecc77a2b171b73

Locked ISHND/BUSD Pool in DEX: 0xc1a80265f26559eb7f6d01963fe6244e1628714c

Locked ISHND/USDT Pool in DEX: 0xa846c38724810aabdf4b5491ae9152a694e5ba13

No complications, simple as 1-2-3.

Just connect your favorite app (Metamask, Trust wallet, etc) to our application and you will be able to trade tokens (with LPs created in our platform). As a result the pool will receive back 84% of taxes generated on every trade and this share will be fairly divided among the pool creators. This is a great way to generate passive income. Any project is welcome with no fees, just create a liquidity pool.

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Beyond Borders, Beyond Tradings

Main Features of Our DEX

Explore the three main features that define our decentralized exchange. Embrace a new era of trading with us today!

Staking Program

Earn rewards by staking your $ISHND tokens to receive sSHND tokens. Rewards automatically compound within the staking pool. Upon redeeming sSHND, you'll receive your initial $ISHND tokens and accumulated rewards.

Degen Arena

We support promising community tokens, including altcoins and "degen tokens" with significant Total Value Locked (TVL) and trading volume. Custom LP farms and liquidity grants are available to enhance liquidity and trading activities. Our marketing tools elevate the project's visibility.

Liquidity Rewards

Participate in our platform's Liquidity Rewards program to earn $ISHND tokens through yield farming. Stake LP tokens in various pools to receive rewards. Rates of return vary based on pool assets' risk and volatility. Earn attractive rewards by engaging in liquidity provision and staking, aligned with your risk preferences and asset choices.

100% Fee Returns to Investors

Staking and Liquidity Mining drive our system's profitability. Every trade in our swap incurs a 0.30% fee, with 0.05% returning to stakers as sSHND tokens and 0.25% to liquidity providers. As our volume grows, investors earn passive income simply by holding our token on our platform.

Foundational Strengths

Platform Pillars

Discover the three core elements powering our decentralized ecosystem: DEX, Bridge, and NFT Marketplace. Join the future of finance today!


Our liquidity pool is a smart contract that contains funds contributed by liquidity providers, which are then used to facilitate trades between different assets.

Liquidity providers earn a share of the trading fees generated by the pool based on their contribution, and our pool's automated market maker algorithm adjusts the asset prices based on supply and demand to maintain balance.

By staking iSHND you will be enabled to take participation in many pools receiving dividends by only locking your tokens, users can withdraw them whenever they like.


StrongHands cross-chain bridge has an advanced mechanism that allows assets to be transferred between different blockchains by locking the assets on one blockchain and creating a representation of those assets on another blockchain, enabling users to transact between the two blockchains. Currently it is possible on BNB Chain, Ethereum Network and Polygon.

The bridge is operated by a set of nodes that verify and validate transactions before releasing the assets on the other side of the bridge using relayers to ensure the tokens will received from one chain to another.

NFT Marketplace

Our marketplace is a platform that allows users to buy, sell, and trade unique digital assets, known as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). You can even buy our Manekin-Nekos, our adapted symbol of Japanese prosperity paying homage to our first community.

It operates now on a Ethereum blockchain, and provide a way for creators to showcase and monetize their digital creations, while allowing collectors to discover and acquire unique NFTs. It is a great and reliable platform under development and is being prepared to be multichain.

iSHND Listings

iSHND 2023

StrongHands Roadmap

Building a Foundation for Lasting Success:
Explore the StrongHands Roadmap

Quarter 2


  • DEX beta launch with staking and LP integration
  • DEX integration with Coingecko and Coinmarketcap
  • Partnerships with Projects on BNB Chain

Quarter 3


  • DEX integration on ethereum network
  • NFT marketplace integration on polygon network
  • Partnerships on Ethereum network
  • Partnerships on Polygon network
  • Developments on more networks for bridge and DEX
  • SHMN new wallets
  • SHND new working plan

Quarter 4


  • DEX integration on polygon network
  • DAO discussion with community
  • DEX and Bridge further integration with new networks
  • AI future developments for DEX trading
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